Wash Basins

Chini Cord Offers Three Types Of Wash Basins, Counter-Top, Wall Hung and Pedestal

Wall Hung Basins

Wall hung Wash Basins are among the modern types of Wash Basins that are very hygienic due to being installed on the wall; they are usually a suitable choice for places such as hospitals and clinics. In terms of space occupation, this group of products is also very efficient and takes up little space. Chini Cord produces and offers a large variety of wall hung Wash Basins for different tastes.

  • Easy installation on the wall
  • Installation kit for the product
  • Ceramic trap cover
  • Overflow outlet channel
  • Appropriate depth
  • Useful washing surface

Countertop Basins

The high variety of countertop Wash Basins in Inset, Countertop, Semi Countertop and Semi Recessed types has placed Chini Cord among the top brands in the Sanitary Ware market. In addition to the variety in model and type of placement on the cabinet, these products are also produced in different sizes to suit small to large bathrooms that are subject to different limitations.

  • With or without tap hole
  • Ceramic trap cover (some models)
  • Overflow outlet channel (some models)
  • Appropriate depth
  • Useful washing surface in various designs