Chini Cord

Through the design and production of a variety of products compatible with different architectural styles, Chini Cord has been active in the Sanitary Ware industry since 1983. Designed by talented young designers, Chini Cord products are produced under the supervision and quality control of experienced engineers, in accordance with international standards of this industry. The brand’s main goal is to provide quality Sanitary products in order to create a comfortable, inspiring and beautiful bathroom space.

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In today's fast-paced world, it is crucial to transform our homes and workplaces into welcoming and comfortable spaces. Bathrooms are not just for washing up; they can also provide a space for relaxation and mindfulness.

Using appropriate colors and patterns, ornamental flowers and plants, fragrant scents and proper lighting can all create a pleasant and restful atmosphere. However, more importantly, Sanitary products that are easy to use, perform well, have a beautiful design, and easily match the space play a key role in ensuring tranquility.

With this philosophy in mind, Chini Cord creates products that combine beauty, functionality, and modernity. Attention to detail, along with the quality of Chini Cord products, have not only created a highly positive experience for domestic consumers, but also consumers from Middle Eastern, North African, and European countries.

As a leading and modern brand, Chini Cord not only uses innovative design methods in designing its products, but also blends technology and environmental sustainability in this process. It uses unique machinery for production, adopts an innovative design method, and applies quality control at all stages of production. As a result, it has a complete basket of products that meet the needs and tastes of different customers.

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Complete Basket of Products

Chini Cord produces a complete basket of Sanitary Ware products in four main categories: Toilet, Asian toilet, Wash Basins and Shower Trays. The products in each of these categories have various features such as design, shape, size and function and are also divided into sub-categories to provide a wide choice. The completeness of Chini Cord’s product basket also provides the possibility of choosing a suitable item for any architectural style, from classic to modern, from minimal to bohemian, from Eastern to Western and other distinguishing factors.

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Product Hygiene

Cleaning the bathroom is important in maintaining every home's hygiene. Therefore, hygiene is the first priority in the Sanitary Ware industry. Selection of quality raw materials, accurate formulation, and proper firing leads to the production of Sanitary Ware with the lowest water absorption and high hygiene standards. In addition to the production process, the design and type of product also affect its hygiene and cleanliness.

Easy cleaning of Sanitary Ware has always been very important to Chini Cord. It sources raw materials from the best mines, controls the formulation of slip and glaze daily in its laboratory equipped with precise equipment, covers the entire product with a uniform glaze, and then fires it in kilns at 1200 degrees centigrade. A smooth and polished surface, a uniform glaze on products, and also glaze-covered siphons make Chini Cord products easy to clean. Models with wall mounting that are unconnected to the floor also make cleaning the bathroom easier.

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Environmental Sustainability

In today’s world, where environmental pollution is a major global concern, most societies are moving towards the concept of environmental sustainability. The responsibility of manufacturing companies to reduce environmental pollution and prevent the destruction of natural resources has become increasingly pressing.

This responsibility has been felt from the outset in Chini Cord so the production processes have been designed with this in mind. Treating industrial wastewater and reusing it for watering trees inside and around the factory, developing green spaces, launching a drip irrigation system, regular replacement of factory chimney filters, energy saving through the use of low-consumption LED lamps throughout the factory are among Chini Cord’s actions to respect its environmental responsibilities.


چینی‌کُرد می‌کوشد در بازارهای ایران، خاورمیانه و شمال آفریقا برندی پیشرو و الگو در صنعت چینی بهداشتی باشد و آسایش را به زندگی مصرف‌‌کنندگان و تحول را به نگرش آنان نسبت به فضای خانه و محل کار هدیه دهد.


چینی‌کُرد با تولید محصولات متنوع، کارآمد و منطبق با استانداردهای زیست محیطی، نقشی ماندگار در زندگی مصرف کنندگان برجای بگذارد و از این طریق به ارتقاء و غنى‌سازى سبک زندگى مصرف‌كنندگان کمک می‌کند.

Our Values

We treat each other with respect and base our relationships on trust.


We work collaboratively, and recognize each other’s efforts.


We make decisions based on facts and we take responsibility for our actions

Learning and Innovation

We are constantly learning, training and innovating.


We seek win/win relationships and communicate in a direct manner.


We endeavor to maintain and protect the well-being of our community.

Social Responsibilities

Chini Cord, based on its sustainable vision, mission and values, is committed and responsible to provide the greatest public benefit to all stakeholders; in four ways:

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Help Improve People's Lifestyle

Designing and manufacturing innovative and efficient products using new technologies to help make life comfortable and help improve the consumer's lifestyle.

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Compatiblity And Attention To The Environment

Reducing pollution, reduce energy and resource consumption, reducing waste and recycling, planting trees and watering using sewage treatment system to provide water, producing environmentally friendly products

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Importance Of Employees and users Health And Safety

The importance of maintaining the health of employees and users in the process of designing and producing products, producing ergonomic products that fit the anatomy of the body


Nurturing Development Of Surrounding Communities

Entrepreneurship and creating employment opportunaties in Kermanshah province with the cooperation of about 600 local personnel, helping the surrounding areas in times of crisis such as floods and earthquakes, helping charity centers and those in need